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Hawthorne Hotel (catering services)

Review 1

reviewer's rating ★★★☆☆

IN SHORT, THIS VENDOR WAS  Average (but we are dated)

TO ELABORATE We went with the Hawthorne as it was the slightly more cost effective of two options we were presented. The service was great and the staff was easy to work with, but we found the food to be average. Our wedding was five years ago so we are dated, and we may have had an off night. We would recommend exploring the Hawthorne as an option if you will be getting married in Salem.

WEDDING LOCATION  Peabody Essex Museum, Salem

WEDDING DATE  August 2010

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Review 2

reviewer's rating ★★★☆☆

In Short  The service was professional, and catering went off without a "hitch". The food quality left a little to be desired, but the tasting probably adequately represented the food on food on ththe night of the wedding.

To Elaborate Make sure you go to the tasting! and also schedule it way in advance.

Wedding Location Salem, MA

Wedding Date August 2010

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