Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

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In Short, This Vendor Was In a great area. The rooms were outdated but not horrible. We had a great experience with the hotel luau. The infinity pool was beautiful. The hotel restaurant was okay; there was a Starbucks within the hotel. The beach was great, we loved paddleboarding, the sunsets are amazing. Eating at a local restaurant is half the price and better quality food. You can easily walk to other hotels to try their restaurants and to a local outdoor mall with lots of shops and great restaurants.  

To Elaborate The best experience we had was The Road to Hana. If you’re looking for something adventurous, romantic and breathtaking, I highly recommend this. It includes scenic views, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, including the black sand beach. We rented a jeep and I wouldn’t go any other way for a car choice so you can have open air while driving. Commit the day; we left at 7am and drove until 7pm. Make sure you do the whole loop and don’t stop halfway because you’ll miss some of the best views if you do and you’ll have to drive on the cliff-side without guardrails. Watch out for local drivers (“you’ll know what I mean”). We stopped in Paia, which is a little surf town, to grab a box lunch, not realizing how many amazing food trucks there are along the Road to Hana. I recommend stopping at the food trucks for fresh fruit, banana bread, acai bowls, shrimp, lunch plates etc. You’ll be tired after this trip so plan an easy night. We laugh because we only used a ¼ of a tank of gas even though we drove all day because of how slow you have to drive to get around the loop. Another tip for this location – the surf shops will tell you there’s surf but there basically just stealing your money. don’t go to Maui for surfing; the waves were very small even for beginners.

Wedding Date September, 2014

Wedding Location Boston, MA

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