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St. Regis Princeville

reviewer's rating ★★★★☆

In Short, This Vendor Was The hotel lobby and grounds are beautiful. The rooms were a little outdated but that wasn’t a big deal since we spent most of our time outdoors. The pool is incredible. The room service was amazing. We loved the location. It’s an hour from the airport. The service was incredible – they ask if you want water, tea, better lighting, a pillow. The hotel is walking distance to Queens Bath, a beautiful natural wave pool, and near the North Shore which is perfect for surfing and hiking. The spa was AMAZING. You have to go. The view overlooks Hanalei Bay on a cliff. It was so incredible for quiet team. The day pass there was about $15 and with that you have access to the steam rooms, sauna and a tranquility rooms. They have huge comfy lounges with a light overhead for reading, the sound of waterfalls trickling, tea, snacks.

To Elaborate We visited 3 islands: Oahu, Kauai and Maui. My favorite was Kauai by far. You definitely need to rent a car for this location. The hotel had great sushi but we preferred to eat out in town. Baracuda was our favorite restaurant; it’s tapas. Don’t leave without getting an acai bowl from one of the local restaurants. They had the best in Hawaii. If you’re going to get a surf lesson make sure you do your research because you can find a wide variety of phony teachers who just want to make money or someone who really wants to teach you. You can ask around at the local shops for the best instructors; we used a guy named Moose who worked with Russell Lewis, both are well known and respected on the island. We couldn’t have had a better experience.

Location Kauai, Hawaii

Wedding Date September 13, 2014

Wedding Location Boston, MA

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