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Bucuti Hotel

reviewer's rating ★★★★☆

IN SHORT, THIS VENDOR WAS Worth it for a honeymoon

To Elaborate On Aruba, We only had a week as I was starting a new job and didn't have enough time to go more than a 5-6 hr flight from Boston, but we were happy with Aruba for several reasons: 1) excellent restaurants, 2) great beach (we recommend staying at the quieter Eagle v. the more touristy Palm Beach), 3) was not too hot even for August, 4) good amount of activities to do while there (e.g., snorkeling, touring around the island in a Jeep, beach time, and some nightlife, 5) relatively easy travel from Boston. It is hurricane season for most of the Caribbean during the summer, but Aruba does not get hit. We had near perfect weather in August (no rain, just slightly hot, but tolerable). We were the most surprised to the upside by the quality of restaurants. The nightlife was a bit quieter than we expected (confirmed when we went a second time), but we weren't exactly after nightlife in the first place. It's a clean island and we felt safe the whole time. If you have a wedding in August, the one good thing is that Aruba is not overly packed as you would find with the touristy spots in Europe. On Bucuti, Hotel: For our honeymoon, we stayed at the Bucuti Hotel and highly recommend that. It is not the most cost effective option, but the rooms are very nice, and that part of Eagle Beach is excellent. There was plenty of space at the beach whereas in Palm Beach, you sometimes have to fight for chairs. The only downside we found there was the breakfast situation was just OK because it was outdoors in an old pirate ship (pretty weird and the birds were brutal), but they have thankfully taken that down and created a restaurant. The second time we went to Aruba, we stayed at the Amsterdam Manor. The rooms are not as nice as the Bucuti, but we would recommend that hotel as well for the money.


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