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Barton Hills Country Club

reviewer's rating ★★★★☆

In Short, This Vendor Was Good. Overall, we were happy with our experience getting married here. They were professional and organized. I felt that they really tried to take any burden off of me as the bride on the wedding day- they wanted me to relax and not worry about a thing.

To Elaborate There were two complaints we had about this venue. the first was that no one bothered to check that the microphone for the ceremony was working. It wasn't, and as a result, our Rabbi basically had to yell to be heard by the large number of guests. The wedding was outdoors on the golf course, and many people seated in the back still could not hear despite the Rabbi's best efforts. We felt that this was a pretty important detail that should have been checked by the wedding planner who was assigned to our wedding. The other complaint we had was that the waiters who were supposed to be passing the appetizers did not do a good job of reaching all the guests. Some people seemed to get about 10 appetizers each, while others said they didn't even see them being passed. We may have needed to order more food, but we felt that they did not do a great job of circulating the food. Other than these two details, we loved this venue, and feel that it is an excellent place to get married.

Wedding DateAugust, 2009

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reviewer's rating ★★★★★

Courtesy of YouTube Video of Rumplestiltskin

Courtesy of YouTube Video of Rumplestiltskin

In Short, This Vendor Was Amazing. We could not have been happier with this band. They were talented, energetic, professional, and unbelievable at getting the crowd to dance.

To Elaborate We initially wanted to give them a specific song list, and they told us that they would read the crowd and use some of our suggestions, but would improvise as needed. We weren't sure how we felt about that, but they are such pros, they really did know just what to play when and it turned out to be exactly how we wanted it. Almost every guest at our close to 300 person wedding who was physically able to dance was dancing. They played a perfect mix of old and new songs. I would recommend trusting their judgement- they know what they are doing!

Wedding Location Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wedding Date August, 2009

BY Erin

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Posted on June 8, 2015 and filed under band.

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