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Olakira Mara

reviewer's rating ★★★★★

IN short We really liked the camp because it gave us a true safari experience. The views were magnificent, food was great (considering it was cooked in a bush kitchen), and the staff were hospitable. 

To elaborate We used Africa Travel Resource to book our trip. It's actually a website that we were exploring, we ended up calling the people (based in the UK), and they were so helpful that we decided to use them. They booked our flights, where we stayed, and all of our transportation within the country.  However, they are not a Safari company.  The Safari company that they connected us with was Asilia.  Asilia ran the camp that we stayed at, and through our camp, we were given a guide (who was amazing).  The other company that seemed popular was AndBeyond, and their vehicles looked good (which we learned was important)!  Regardless of what company you use, check out, as it is a great way to explore the different regions of Tanzania and places to stay.

We chose Olakira Mara in the Northern Serengeti, just south of the Kenyan border b/c we wanted to see the wildabeest river crossings, and the camp had views of the Mara River, where the crossings took place. We really liked the camp b/c it gave us a true safari experience, i.e., we were right out there in the bush, with hippos walking in front of the tent, hyenas calling etc. The views were magnificent, food was great (considering it was cooked in a bush kitchen), and the staff were hospitable.  That being said, it was a non-permanent camp, so it did feel somewhat like "camping," yet with running water, hot showers (albeit bucket showers w/ river water), etc.  The other options are permanent camps, which are a bit more removed from the animals, but still supposed to be gorgeous and perhaps a bit more comfortable. 

One that we were considering was Nomad Lamai Camp, which we drove past on one of our game drives, and it looked pretty amazing. In hindsight, we would have done 2-3 nights at Olakira (we stayed for 4 nights), and then gone to either a permanent camp in the same area or visited another region.  We only did a Safari in this one region, while other people we met were coming and going from all different regions/camp sites. Some people traveled with one guide, while others had a new guide at each camp they went to.  I can't speak to these options, but just something to consider. The other highlights are supposed to be the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangi National Park, which my husband went to several years ago and said were amazing.  

By Sarah & Tyler

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Posted on August 24, 2015 and filed under honeymoon.

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