Sultans of Swing

reviewer's rating ★★★★★

Courtesy of Sultans of Swing

Courtesy of Sultans of Swing

In Short The Sultans were amazing!! So fun and energetic -- had everyone dancing the whole night!

To Elaborate Sultans of Swing were amazing!! We wanted everyone to spend the night dancing and after seeing them perform at other weddings, we knew as soon as we started planning that we wanted the Sultans. We had an 11-piece band with 4 lead singers -- the perfect size for a 200+ outdoor wedding. We chose to have them play the entire night and not take breaks, and the size of the band allowed for several band members to be on stage at all times. I would 100% recommend them!!! Every band member/singer is extremely talented. We requested certain band members we had seen and loved, and while we didn't get any of them for our wedding, the band they put together for us was absolutely perfect!! They were so energetic, played all of the songs we requested, and knew how to keep everyone dancing the whole night. Email response time in the early stages of planning was a bit slow, making it difficult to finalize contracts. Once we got closer to the date, all communication was timely.

Wedding Date August, 2015

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reviewer's rating ★★★★★

In Short, This Vendor Was Very professional. Excellent performance.

To Elaborate This is an ensemble type band that is arranged to your budget and preference. We went with a standard 3 piece plus a keyboard and a vocalist. The keys add much more variety to the playlist and the vocalist was awesome. Jerry (the owner) was very easy to work with and put together a great group of musicians.

Wedding Date December 2010


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