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In Short, This Vendor Was Absolutely delicious! We sampled multiple seafood, steak/chicken, and vegetarian options during our tasting day, and we had a really difficult decision because there were no weak links. We ultimately chose one seafood, steak, and (vegetarian) gnocchi. All received rave reviews from our guests. Highly, highly recommended!

ByJohn L.

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reviewer's rating ★★★★★

In Short Russell Morins was fantastic. Terrific caterer from start to finish.

To Elaborate The food was delicious, they allowed us to have a dish not typically on their menu (truffled gnocchi), and they were nice and professional at all times. Plus, they allowed us to bring our own cake and alcohol, which I really appreciated. Five stars!!

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Posted on June 6, 2015 and filed under caterer.