Reykjavik, Iceland

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In Short Our group unanimously agreed that Reykjavik was one of the most unique and awesome places we have ever visited and this was a well-traveled group. It was a great place for adventure, sightseeing and having fun.

To Elaborate We found a perfect 5 bedroom apartment on Airbnb located in the Reykjavik Capital Region, which was a 5 minute walk from the center of town. Iceland has natural hot springs, massive glaciers, white water rafting, snow mobile and ATV tours, huge waterfalls and volcanos! The town was surprisingly quiet, restaurants were busy between 9:00PM and 11:30PM, but the bars were empty until 11:30PM. After Midnight the nightlife was in full swing. The summer solstice, which fell on June 21st, means 24 hours of daylight in Iceland, so there was plenty of time for activities.

Day 1 began on Friday morning. We were picked up by a driver in a super jeep to begin our ‘Into the Glacier Tour’. The super jeep took us through Thingvellir National Park then through the rugged terrain of Kaldidalur (Cold Valley) and then to Langjokull Glacier. Langjokull Glacier was our first Icelandic adventure; we let some air pressure out of the tires and drove straight up the side of the glacier. At the top of the glacier we entered the recently opened man made Ice Cave Tunnels, which provided us with an up close view inside of Iceland’s second largest glacier. That evening we had dinner at Snaps Bistro Restaurant followed by a fun night at B5 Nightclub.

Saturday morning we piled back into the super jeep for our class 3 white water rafting trip with Arctic Rafting in Drumbo on the Hvita River followed by an onsite BBQ. Due to time constraints we missed out on our snow mobile tour on the back side of Langjokull Glacier, but the day was still a lot of fun. We had an amazing dinner at Apotek and since we had so much fun on Friday night we returned to B5 Nightclub for round 2.

The trip ended on Sunday with a soak in the hot springs at Blue Lagoon, which was located outside of Reykjavik about 15 minutes away from the airport.

Bachelor Party Date: June, 2015

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