Hei Matau Lodge

reviewer's rating ★★★★★

In short We stayed at Hei Matau Lodge and were incredibly impressed with everything. We could not find a single complaint about this lodge - it is easily the most accommodating place we have ever stayed at. Waiheke Island is a short ferry ride from Auckland. One of the locals compared it to Martha’s Vineyard (with wineries!). It is beautiful and has amazing restaurants and wineries to enjoy. You can go for the day and arrange to do wine tours or stay on the island for a couple of days to get to enjoy more wineries and dining options. We went for 3 nights and that was the perfect amount.

To Elaborate Peter and Fiona take care of you from the time you book a room until the time you leave the island. Their knowledge and willingness to help you create the perfect holiday goes above and beyond anything you would expect and makes the entire trip incredibly memorable. The food was excellent and plentiful and the wine was local and fabulous. The best place we ate at was Te Whau and their wine was one of the best wines I have ever tried, The Point wine.

Wedding date September 2013

by Cyndi H.

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Posted on October 27, 2015 and filed under honeymoon.