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In Short I think of all the vendors we hired for our wedding, this is the only one I regret.

To Elaborate I really liked Joy when I met her, and she was easy to work with throughout the planning process. However, the flowers turned out to be really disappointing. Things that went wrong: (1) The white roses I had for my bridal bouquet were a strange shade of green, ditched them as soon as possible, (2) flowers that were supposed to go into short vases were way too long, sat in the vases at 45 degree angles, and (3) Joy promised me she should be at the wedding herself, and had no other weddings planned for that day. However, when we had the 45-degree angle crisis that popped up, she was nowhere to be found. Was at another wedding, and wouldn't return all our frantic phone calls.

Wedding Location Bristol, Rhode Island



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Posted on June 9, 2015 and filed under florist.