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Courtesy of Flipside

Courtesy of Flipside

in short A band with incredible energy and a wide range of music that sets the tone for the night. Corin (lead singer) and Tim (DJ at after party) were incredible and blew us away at every point of the night. Makes a band worth the money!

To Elaborate: We mainly worked with Corin, one of the bands lead singers and he was so fun to collaborate with. He really catered to our needs and was extremely flexible when it came to the planning. Corin played acoustic at the cocktail hour and then led the band during the reception, which could not have gone any better. They played everything from current top 40's to country, old school classics, and rock and it could not have brought better energy into the night. People were out on the dace floor before dinner was even served! The band did an amazing job at trying to personalize their set list to match our taste in music as well as our vision for how the night was going to go and they exceeded all of our expectations. Could not recommend a band more highly than FlipSide!

Wedding DateAugust 7, 2015

Wedding LocationChatham Bars Inn, Chatham MA

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In Short Flipside met and surpassed all of our expectations ten times over. We could not have been happier.

To Elaborate Corin, Flipside’s bandleader kept everyone on the dance floor with an amazing song list from the moment we went into our tent until the end of the evening when faced with concert-esque chants for "one more song." I feel like I was on the dance floor for five hours straight and didn't want to leave it. Flipside’s greatest strengths are their high energy, versatility as revealed by their artful renditions of everything from Pharrell to Sinatra, and, most of all, their ability to keep everyone from your friends to your parents' friends on the dance floor.

Wedding Date April, 2014

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In Short  They were phenomenal

To Elaborate These guys are the best around. Corin Ashley, lead singer and band manager is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only do they have an expansive song list, they are very amendable to learning songs not in their catalogue. Quick tip: Pay extra for their horn section; it's worth it.

Wedding Date May 2011

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