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In short If you are looking for a hotel with a fun scene or a busy bar/pool, this is not your place. If you are looking to unwind in a beautiful, quiet, resort with amazing service, then I would definitely stay here. It's close to the center of town, so you can always take a short cab ride there for some lively nightlife. 

To elaborate I had heard a lot about the Aman hotel chain and had spoken with some "Aman Junkies," so staying at an Aman was high on my list for our honeymoon. We decided on the Amansara because we wanted to go to Siem Reap on the way to Song Saa Island. 

The experience at the Amansara starts right when you get off of the plane. A representative from the Aman came and met us, took our passports, got us through customs in record time, and led us to a vintage Mercedes, which was our ride to the hotel. Once inside the car, we were greeted with cold towels and water, and taken directly to the Amansara. This top notch service continued throughout our stay. 

The grounds are beautiful and minimal, and the buildings are mid-century modern. Everything is clean and sleek and you feel almost like you've stepped back in time. One of the great things about the Amansara, is that they have everything planned out for you. We only had two days in Siem Reap, so they had arranged a guide to pick us up at the crack of dawn, to take us to Angkor Wat and the other surrounding temples. Before you depart, they bring a beautiful breakfast to your room.

If you stay here, I would highly recommend the private dinner at their Khmer Village house, which is about a 15-20 min drive from the hotel, out in a small village. It's expensive, but it was one of the most memorable things that we did on our honeymoon. The food was amazing and the experience was so unique and almost magical. 

The only cons to consider are the timing of your trip- we stayed at the Amansara in May, which is the beginning of the rainy season, so the hotel wasn't full. It is a quiet and peaceful place to begin with, so at times it felt almost desolate and a bit off-putting.

by Sara S.

Wedding Date May 2016

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Photo Courtesy of Amansara

Photo Courtesy of Amansara

Photo Courtesy of Amansara

Photo Courtesy of Amansara

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Posted on October 22, 2016 and filed under honeymoon.