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The Hitch List believes in the power of celebrating, and we're celebrating the most beautiful weddings in the world by allowing brides and grooms to discover the best wedding vendors in the world.

A listing with The Hitch List gives you the ability to beautifully and effectively market your services to our savvy audience of brides and grooms to be. A 12-month subscription for businesses wishing to join The Hitch List is $99.

It includes all of the below. Once you check out, we will contact you to gather information so that your listing is live as quickly as possible! Please find Table & Tulip's listing linked here as an example.

Your Hitch List subscription includes:

* Intro we recommend 5 sentences, or 100 words, that warmly introduces your service to our audience

* 5 Images one leading image and 4 complimenting images

* Scope of Services 2-3 sentences about the range of services you offer 

* Fun Facts 2-3 sentences about what makes you unique

* Address

* Telephone

* Hours

* Website

* Email

* Instagram

* Facebook

* Twitter

Your subscription starts on the day your listing is live and is valid for 12 months. Should you need to make any changes to copy or images, we are happy to update your listing.


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