Are you a Bridezilla or a Bridechilla?

I loved seeing that newlywed Hilary Rhoda was tagged in photos with #bridechilla this weekend. Not what you would expect of an internationally renowned supermodel. Take the quiz below to find out if you're a 'chilla or a 'zilla, but don't be misled by their names or their reputations. Both archetypes have their strong suits and shortcomings.

on Marriage...

A.My marriage is more important than my wedding.

b.My wedding is more important than anything right now.

on Love...

A.I love my groom.

B.I love my groom; I also love my wedding planner.

on Planning...

A.I could outsource all the planning and be happier for it.

B.It's my new favorite hobby / second full-time job.

on BridesmaidS dresses...

A. I want them to have a say in the process and we'll decide together.

b. It's my choice; otherwise there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

on The Invite List...

A. I'm lost. How do you cut friends?

B. I don't mind being ruthless. Cuts are necessary.

on Executive Decisions & DEadlines...

A. I dread them.

B. I know what I want.

on The Wedding Diet...

A. What wedding diet?

b. Bootcamp. No carbs. Bootcamp. No carbs.

ON Emotions...

A. I'm pretty much the same.

b. There's such a thing as wedding hormones.

And the Results are...

If you answered mostly As you're a Bridechilla. 

At Your besTYou're enjoying the process, you're collaborating with your groom, family and bridesmaids. You're going to float down the aisle and soak up the moment.

At your WorstYou're hard to read, your bridesmaids might be unclear of what you expect from them, and you might seem unenthusiastic. Try to embrace wedding planning as a creative process where you can own a few decisions and bring them to life... then outsource the rest.

If you answered mostly Bs, you are a Bridezilla.

At your bestYou're the kind of bride who would make Sheryl Sandberg proud; you're leaning into those decisions girl. You're on top of every detail. You're punctual for appointments. The people working for you and with you are clear on what you want and they feel confident about your vision.

At your worsTYou might be getting emotional, sweating the small stuff and losing perspective. Try to focus on the big picture, and remind yourself perfection is over-rated. Enjoy the process.

Posted on October 13, 2015 .