Why I Don't Want to be a Skinny Bride

"How are you losing weight before the wedding?" With my wedding six months away, I'm mentally prepared for the day when someone asks me this and I'm mentally committed to giving it - always the topic, maybe sometimes the person - a big screw you.

I've seen more than a few perfectly thin and fit women struggle to answer this beast of a weight loss question and I had no idea how to help because I was busy picking my jaw up off the floor. It's a question that circulates freely- at engagement parties, dress fittings, bridal showers, and it's perfectly comfortable living in sync with basic wedding prompts like where are you registered? It's a theory that is totally supported with runway shows and photo shoots where model brides are bone thing (but never smiling); it's a topic that has about 132 million google searches between "skinny bride" and "wedding diet."

The expectation is that you should prepare for the happiest day of your life with a good dose of weight loss. And being totally crazy in theory, it yields totally crazy behavior in reality. Brides taking weight loss pills, brides eradicating calories, brides deteriorating in physical and mental form before the wedding. 

I am by no means above bridal pressures. I just had my first dress fitting and felt as nervous as I would going on a first date simply at the thought, "this dress took months to come in, and now, it might not zip up." 

But, there's a difference between feeling all these bridal anxieties and letting them take over. I'm not going to celebrate this highly happy engagement by talking about losing weight or by trying to lose weight. They don't mix. The topics should be divorced.

What I'll support with a whole hearted yes: the idea of feeling as amazing as I can on my wedding day, and leading up to it. Which for me means eating first and foremost, but also maintaining my common sense, which knows that...

  • Eating healthily gives me the energy to work full time, workout, blog and plan my wedding, as well as gives me the bandwidth to enjoy the journey.
  • Doing yoga gives me a clear mind and stress relief.
  • Drinking green juice in the morning makes me feel great for the rest of the day (thank you Kimberly Snyder).
  • Having a great red wine at night...but not every night and not a whole bottle... is awesome
  • Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is key because I'm unfortunately very much like an 8-year old girl on the sleep front and get grumpy when deprived.
  • Getting stronger and toned with cardio and weights in torture-free, rewarding workout classes makes me happy. Thank you Barry's Bootcamp and Recycle in particular.

These are things that make me not just healthy and fit, but the best version of me. And at the end of the day, my fiancĂ© fell in love with that. Not a skinny bride.