When Your Wedding Is Looming Large

Garrett and I are nine weeks from our wedding out in Colorado and it definitely feels like it's taking over my life. WEDDING. PLANNING has become a new looming phrase. There are a good 15 loose ends that they feel like they're whirling around my head nonstop, and yesterday I was in a serious funk about them. Fortunately, yesterday was also the day we had planned a Skype with a potential minister, based in Colorado. I was blown away. He shook the tree with just three questions in what will be one of five weekly check-ins that prepare us to get married:

1. How did you meet and fall in love?

2. What's one thing you love most about your fiance?

3. Why are you getting married this year? Why not last year? Why not next year?

My eyes were filling up, both in talking about our relationship and out of gratitude for this reality check. It got me so clear about how my long list of things that were not done was making my wedding into a very large production, a very large event, instead of our wedding

Granted this thinking has to be the easiest of traps to fall into, perhaps especially if you're planning a destination wedding where you feel at least a bit responsible for justifying people's airfare, hotels, time away from work... In our case, we're planning ski days, cookouts, sleigh rides, apres ski sessions, bowling nights all before we even get to the wedding day.

But I certainly do not want to lose sight of what this is. Our wedding.

I can't recommend taking a moment in the weeds of wedding planning to be reminded of how lucky you are, how perfect your timing is and how minor everything else is in light of it.


Posted on January 26, 2016 .