Ways to Save Money & Get Perks While Wedding Planning

Not to get all Suze Orman on you, but let's be real, saving money is a great skill and it is ultra important when you're wedding planning! There will inevitably things you can't help but splurge on, unnecessary purchases you make out of pure excitement, and things you know you have to go big or go home on. But along the way, you can take some of your financial power back with sneaky savings. Even if they only made the smallest dent in my overall bottom line, I felt like these 5 tricks were small wins.

Photo Credit  Rob Jewitt

Photo Credit Rob Jewitt

1. Credit Card Perks I opened a new credit card that gave extra great cash back perks on large purchases. I used that card for a $5,000+ wedding bill and got $600 in cash back! I also used my JetBlue card on as many purchases as I could so I could rack up a few free flights.

2. Wedding Venue Kickbacks Our wedding venue, a hotel, offered us two free night stays and $650 towards a bridesmaid lunch; I said we'd skip the bridesmaid brunch for a third free night and picked up champagne and orange juice in advance and got sandwiches delivered from my favorite bakery instead (all of which was far less than $650).

3. Hotel Room Block Kickbacks In exchange for guaranteeing 10 rooms at one of the hotels where we booked our second room block, I negotiated a free one hour massage at their spa. It's no small feat to bring $5,000+ revenue to a hotel so I think it's only right they treat you in some capacity.

4. Dress Discounts I outright asked for 15% off my bridal gown, a move that saved me hundreds. My sister had purchased hers at the same salon so we may have had some family bargaining power on our side, but I do think most salons will try to accommodate a specific request for a price break.

5. Amazing Online Finds I bought vases and mercury candles from Save On Crafts, instead of renting them from my florist; it was much cheaper plus I got to keep them. Granted, I have yet to use dozens and dozens of vases and candles again, but when we throw another big party, I am ready.










Posted on October 31, 2016 .