Your Skin Care Plan, from 6 Months to One Night Before the Wedding-- Skin Whisperer Anne-Cecile Curot of Le Visage Has It Covered

It’s never a good time for a zit, but the thought of waking up with one on the morning of your wedding… well that’s feels like a mean joke. And with all the things on your mind leading up to the wedding, shouldn’t your skin just behave itself and look better than ever? Well, it’s actually possible to be sure it's in a state of luminous obedience, with some planning, says Le Visage Day Spa and Skin Clinic owner and beauty whisperer Anne-Cecile Curot.

Looking at her smooth, line-less skin, it’s no surprise that the woman is French and that you find yourself saying “just make my skin look like yours; thanks.” Anne-Cecile grew up in Reims, France, and studied skincare in Paris before bringing her secrets and techniques across the pond to Boston. After leading the skincare team at Newbury Street’s Bella Santé for five years, she managed the spa at Marc Harris for seven years, and then opened Le Visage in 2014. At Le Visage, Anne-Cecile is committed to using all-natural, gluten-free products made in the U.S. She goes after a very specific set of results: glowing, plump, radiant, smooth, firm, and toned skin.

Here’s Anne-Cecile’s rundown on caring for your skin before your wedding.    

Six Months Before Your Wedding…

Make a skincare plan with a trusted aesthetician. In this appointment, you not only want to discuss your goals, but you want to take stock of products, services, the climate of where are you getting married, what you are willing to spend, and even how much time you have during the week to take care of your skin.

Three Months Before Your Wedding…  

Everyone can benefit from a peel before the big day. Peels rejuvenate the skin and diminish lines; they can also address deeper issues like scars, hyper pigmentation, and aging spots. At Le Visage, each peel is customized to the skin type and to the expectations of the client. The service starts much like a facial with cleansing and toning, and then the aesthetician uses a higher grade of acids, all from fruits, flower and vegetable extract.  It is also smart to plan one or two peels on your décolleté (especially if you are wearing a sleeveless dress) and the same for your face and neck.  

One Month Before Your Wedding…

Opt for a “pick me up facial,” since it’s all about that glow and looking hydrated. Communicate with your aesthetician about any skin issues. There is still time for beautiful skin.

 One to Two Weeks before your wedding…

It’s all too common before the wedding to be stressed or low on sleep. A facial and a body treatment will help relax and soothe your skin and body. A good facial will clear imperfections and leave your skin luminous. At Le Visage, we ask a few questions about your health, life habits, and products currently used, then cleanse, analyze, and tone. We your skin routine, apply enzymes, also exclusively from fruits, flowers and vegetable extracts; massage the feet, do extractions, apply a mask with our signature magic ice globes, which calm the skin, help with any redness from extraction, drain toxins and improve the penetration of the mask, and finally, apply serum mixed with a moisturizer.

One day before your wedding…

A “ Coup d’eclat" facial the day before your wedding will not only help your skin look clear and glowing, but it will actually help brides make-up last longer the day of and will help grooms avoid ingrown hairs from. Our “Go and Glow” facial magic globes are very popular before rehearsal dinners; it is similar to a peel but much gentler and with immediate results.   

One night before your wedding…

Apply a hydrating mask to look your best the next day. Grooms with sensitive skin should apply shaving oil before applying shaving cream to get a better shave and reduce redness.

Words of Wisdom

Less is more! Meaning if you take good care of your skin with the right products (formula, quality, and efficiency), in the long run you will age gracefully.

Have a vision for what good skin means to you – to us, it glowing, plump, radiant, smooth, firm, toned and luminous. These are the results we go after. 

Take care of your skin, it’s your largest organ and it protects everything else. You cannot exchange it and if you invest in your epidermis it will pay you back! 

Dos & Don’ts of Skin Care

Do prioritize youthful looking skin and don’t go tanning. Wedding or no wedding in perspective, I’m against tanning because it will age you.

If you want to spray tan, do make sure you try it a few times before your wedding in case your skin reacts to it. Also, look for an organic spray tan to avoid harmful chemicals seeping into your skin. 

Eyebrows can be a natural beauty asset, but don’t let someone unfamiliar with your brows shape them. Find the right aesthetician for you well in advance of the wedding. You don’t want to risk looking like you have two chopsticks in the place of brows!

Don’t get eyelash extensions for the first time before your wedding; you may have an allergic reaction to the glue or feel overwhelmed by the new size of your lashes. Try it few times in advance.

Do limit the amount of salty foods you eat the night before the wedding since your face (and stomach) could look puffy or swollen the next day.

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