Your Guide to Spray Tanning Before Your Wedding

The best sunless tanning in Boston is without a doubt Pure Glow Tanning on Newbury Street. This locally owned, small business lets your skin determine the color for a very natural (aka non orange) look. Their tanning solution is solution is almost 100% eco-certified organic so you never have to compromise your health for a beautiful looking tan and you can be in and out in within 20 minutes. I chatted with owner Lauren to give you the ultimate guide to sunless tanning before your wedding day.

When should you spray tan pre-wedding? 

We recommend spraying three days ahead of your wedding or specific event.

Should you do a test to make sure your skin doesn't have any reaction? 

Since our solution is pure and safe by design, reactions shouldn't be a primary concern, unless you are allergy prone to start. A 'trial' tan is recommending for people unfamiliar with spraying, or unsure about wanting a spray at all. At a trial appointment, you'll learn about how the service is done, choose from our Menu of Looks and put the tan to the test in the following weeks.

Could your tan rub off on your wedding dress if you're say sweating at the alter or on the dance floor?

Once you've taken your first shower, nothing will transfer onto clothing or anything else. Keeping your skin hydrated with a complimentary moisturizer will allow you to workout, sweat and dance as much as you like before and after the big day. For any skeptics out there, a trial is a great option to see this for yourselves.

What are your thoughts on sun tanning?

I'm a big year round outdoors person, and think spending time outside is one of the best things for our health and well being, but regular use of sunscreen is simply a must. Just like one applies moisturizer, makeup and cleanses multiple times each day, I believe we must get in a similar habit of applying and reapplying sunscreen to exposed areas as well. I believe in hats and UV protective clothing (thanks, athleta!), as well as keeping a travel size sunscreen of your choice in your bag this time of year to keep sun damage at bay.

Do you recommend this for brides with destination weddings and how should they time their tan? 

Absolutely, depending on their timeline for leaving town. Tanning 3-4 days prior to the wedding will ensure the tan looks fresh and beautiful for your special day.

How can you make it last?

A simple moisturizing routine! Twice a day with an oil free, preferably aloe vera or shea butter based moisturizer will ensure a long lasting tan and effortless fade.

What do prices start at?

A single full body tan starts at $75, but the price comes down significantly from there if you purchase a package of three ($65 each) or six ($55 each). The three session package or monthly unlimited membership ($165) are most popular with our brides. Between engagement photos, showers, bachelorette and honeymoon, it becomes very easy to find reasons to look and feel your best!

We also love meeting your friends and family, and begin discounting for groups of 4 or more.

What do you wear?

We encourage clients to wear as little or as much as they feel comfortable wearing, while we request men wear underwear or shorts.

After the application, all clients should wear loose clothing, black is best, and flip-flop type footwear. If you plan to allow your tan to develop overnight then we suggest wearing a long sleeve top and long pants to bed in order to avoid skin to skin contact.

Can I be seen in public immediately following my appointment? 

Yes! Your Pure Glow tan dries and looks fantastic right away. Simply throw on clothes and go right out.

How soon can I shower? 

5-7 hours following your appointment. 

Posted on April 28, 2017 .