10 Things You Need To Know about Getting Your Make-Up Done The Day of Your Wedding from the Award-Winning Katrina Hess

Katrina Hess is Boston’s most sought after make-up artist. She has been named “Best of Boston” four times by Boston Magazine, and she has made brides look and feel beautiful for thousands upon thousands of weddings. It's safe to say she's seen what works and what doesn't work during that key morning preparation so whether you're working with a professional or doing your own make-up, here are the top 10 things every bride needs to consider the day of her wedding.

1.Change the look of your make-up in between the ceremony and the reception for a greater variety of photos and style. I like romantic and soft for the ceremony and then, especially if it's an evening reception, enhancing make-up with a more dramatic eyeliner or a richer lip color. Some brides buy a second dress to achieve this change, but a simple shift in make-up can do it without taxing your budget. 

2. Think about your wedding venue, the weather that day and the lighting throughout the day. Is your ceremony outdoors, but your reception is indoors? Is it sunny or overcast? Are you in a candlelit ballroom or a funky loft space? Your make-up should be adjusted to play off all of these factors.

3. Give thought to the vibe of the room that you're getting ready in. Set a tone for it. Even if you have a large wedding party, too many people in the room can be really overwhelming. Prioritize a calm, relaxing atmosphere. 

4. If your eyes are puffy, dip caffeinated tea bags (Lipton will do) into a bucket of ice for 15 minutes. Ring out the cold bags and then place them on the eye lids for 10 minutes.  I do this to brides quite a bit the morning of the wedding. 

5. Brides should never get their make-up done last; go right in the middle of your wedding party, and ideally get it done in stages. You'll be in the chair 2-3 times instead of just once since you want certain components of your look, like powder and lips, to be as fresh as possible. 

6. Nobody ever knows when to get dressed. Tell your bridesmaids they should be make-up/hair ready and dressed before you so that they are ready for the photos of them dressing you.

7. Eat early on, and don't be afraid to eat plenty of carbs, before it gets hectic. That said, make sure to floss and brush before final lipstick touch-ups. 

8. Get your make-up done in a well lit room with plenty of natural light, especially for outdoor weddings. I always use a hot light for both day and evening weddings. 

9. Be organized with not only your dress, but your rings, shoes, earrings, jewelry, purse etc. so that the photographer can take pictures of them and not disturb you while getting you're make-up and hair done.

10. Look in the mirror as many times as you need to - even 100. You have never seen your full look come together so taking in exactly how it looks allows you to soak up the moment before the day goes by in a flash. And it leads to confidence walking down the aisle. 


Posted on September 10, 2015 and filed under Health & Beauty.