Designer Spotlight: Custom Dresses Made with Heirloom Lace from Linyage

Of all places, I came across custom-wedding dress maker, linyage, at a music festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin this summer. In the middle of a 95-degree farm, surrounded by fantastic indie music, was this ethereal, stunning pop-up, showcasing custom-made, white lace tops. While they were in fact styling festival-goers that weekend, linyage primarily focuses on creating one-of-a-kind, vintage inspired bridal dresses for brides all around the country.

Brides have the benefit of working with a hands-on and highly talented small business, owned by designer Lindsay Ulness and Creative Director Sarah Hrudka. Each and every dress is marked by their heart and soul work, with lace from something the bride owns, Lindsay and Sarah's vintage collection or both.

Brides can take say their mother's wedding dress, their grandmother's handkerchief or even a piece of their family's favorite tablecloth and linyage will create a custom dress around it... how amazing is that?! 

Here are six of my favorite linyage looks. Follow them on Instagram for more! 

Posted on September 21, 2015 .