Honeymoon Inspiration & Travel Notes from Anthropologist & Globetrotting Instagrammer @MsLuxuryWorldTraveler

Lidia Sweet is a social anthropologist and wildly popular travel Instagrammer, @ms.luxuryworldtraveler, with such a love for travel that she lives by the motto "Better to Travel Well than to Arrive." A great resource for honeymoon inspiration, she shares her favorite destinations around the world.

Kayangan Lake,Coron, Philippines Photo by  @shotbygrace_

Kayangan Lake,Coron, Philippines
Photo by @shotbygrace_

Q: What does the ideal vacation include?

A: Adventure, great food, romance, fun, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water

Q: Where would you honeymoon at this particular moment?

A: Somewhere totally new and very relaxing. Maybe Exuma in the Bahamas 

Q: for HONEYMOONERS who DON't travel AS MUCH AS YOU, WHERE WOULD YOU recommend they go?

A: Maldives 

Q: Top 5 places you've traveled AND WHY? 

Thailand:Always number one for me. I simply love the people, the great weather, the beaches, and the spicy food. 

Takien beach, KohSamui, Thailand; Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler 

Takien beach, KohSamui, Thailand; Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler 

Hvar island, CroatIA:A very beautiful, romantic retreat that is perfect during summer. You'll find good wine, great food, and crystal clear (but a bit cold) water.

Las Vegas:For something totally different; it is a huge playground. There are awesome parties, and the best food. I love that you can dress as you wish. 

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, CambodIA:A place with its own magic. This town is lovely, small, and surrounded by the rain forest and these fantastic ruins. I love the villages and how people live here. 

Budapest, HungarY:My second home town after the Former Yugoslavia. It's really affordable compared to Europe, even compared to Asia. They have great wines, my fave is the Tokay Aszu which is sweet and tempting. There are wonderful buildings, historical places, and great nightlife. It's nice for shopping and I simply love the traditional Hungarian food like porkolt, sausages and the fruits. It's best in the summer. 

Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Q: favorite hotel in EACH PLACE? 

ThailanD: Conrad Koh Samui

Hvar:B&B Heritage Villa Apolon

Las VegaS:Vdara Hotel 

Siem ReaP:De Sarann Villa 

BudapesT:Le Meridien

Q: Favorite food experience IN EACH PLACE? 

Thailand:Laarb nua is a very spicy beef salad which isnt really a salad but mostly a meat dish. Its sour and spicy.

Budapest, Hungary; Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Budapest, Hungary; Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Hvar: Cevapcice is my favorite food in Croatia 

Las Vegas:The best steak ever at the Country Club and an awesome Vodoo signature cocktail at Vodoo bar 

Siem Reap: Fresh fruit cocktails 

BudapesT: Room service at Le Meridian, which has the best goulash soup ever, and a delicious duck plate at Nancsi Neni Vendegloje restaurant 

Q: Favorite activity in EACH PLACE? 

Thailand: Climbing the Wat Tam Sua, aka Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi. It was 1237 steps to get up there and see the most wonderful sunset ever

Hvar: The beach, walks at Stari Grad between the yachts, and having the best pizzas and ice creams 

Las Vegas:The slot machines of course. 

Maldives; @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Maldives; @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Siem Reap:Seeing the wonderful Angkor Wat and Ta Phom ruins

BudapesT:Enjoying a great wine at Fisherman's Bastion.

Q:  BEST hotel experience?

Washington D.C. Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

Washington D.C. Photo by @ms.luxuryworldtraveler

A:The corner suite of Vdara in Las Vegas. The stunning view of the desert on one side and the lights of the city on the other... priceless

Q: Beach or mountains? 

A: Always the beach 

Q: Luxury or Adventure?

A: Luxury

Q: Boutique or big name hotel?

A: Depends, there are gorgeous ones in both. But if I had to chose, I would go big. 

Q: Health driven or nightlife driven?

A: Nightlife

Q: Remote or urban?

A: I love both. I love to mix them. 



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