Getting Engaged Felt Nothing Like I Thought It Would

Let's start with this: my fiance is a terrible liar.

The night he picked up my ring in New York, he told me he had a work dinner in New Hampshire. His birthday was the day before and since we had been traveling, my plan was to give him his birthday presents after he got home from dinner. Presents are wrapped, candles are lit. He calls at 10:30 to say he's leaving dinner soon but his phone was dying. As it turns out, he was flying home from New York with my engagement ring and he missed his flight. He comes in at 1am with the biggest, silliest grin on his face... but in best explanation of where he was, all he could muster was "I can't tell you."

Ooooh I went to bed so angry while he literally went to bed with a smile on his face. In the morning, he pieces together a story that my sister's boyfriend called about proposing and they were talking it through but he wasn't supposed to tell anyone. I happily believe this because we knew their engagement was on the horizon, and we move onto the next night.  

We plan to have dinner and get to his birthday presents, but he also plans to take my mom out and ask for permission to marry me. A few cocktails and dinner later, he's late without an explanation, again. 

So I give him an "I'm feeling taken for granted. You're not communicating" kind of speech. He recovers with a story that was so weird I bought it. The next day, we're supposed to go to a friend's party but he's being shifty about bailing and doing our own thing. He's also pacing around with a Heineken Light.

We get into an uber and I still am not quite sure if we're going to a party or dinner, but he has us jump out at the Public Gardens. As we're walking into the Gardens, it clicks. I'd never seen Garrett nervous; on this night, he was redefining nervous and it was adorable. I'd never felt more love or affection for him as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

A few minutes after he asked, I panicked that we'd jumped in front of my sister's engagement. "She's getting engaged right now" was the simple answer. My mind was blown.

When I imagined getting engaged, I certainly did not imagine getting mad at my fiance in the nights leading up to the proposal.

And I never would have dreamed I'd be sharing such an amazingly joyful night with my sister and best friend.

My version was in retrospect a dull Hollywood-esque version of crying and jumping up and down.

But in this much more interesting, real life version, beyond the total shock and total joy, was a feeling I had never considered the importance of: I felt so damn sure.


Posted on October 30, 2015 .