Etsy Finds: Beads Brooches & Bridal

Two of my favorite ways to find designers- Etsy and Instagram. I found Beads Brooches & BridaLon both. The Etsy shop stands out for making simple yet elegant bridal accessories. Their best seller? The wedding garter. If you're thinking something satin, dated or a bit cheesy press pause.

                                                                                       Courtesy of Beads Brooches & Bridal

                                                                                       Courtesy of Beads Brooches & Bridal

Yes, wedding garters date back to the Dark Ages when it had some function - it held up the bride's stockings - and some form - it was a good luck omen to the guest who caught it.  But if it's done right, it signals something sexy, historic and high fashion.

Beads Brooches & Bridal is comprised of a mother and daughter-in-law team, Kay Ring and Jennifer Someya, who custom make these garters in LA. Find them on Etsy with prices from $26.90.

Here's some insight from the duo:

Q: Tell us a little more about your garters? 

A: Each garter is custom made with gorgeous lace, bead and sequin details.  Our brides let us know their exact measurements so the garter will fit perfectly to them.

Q: what's your design inspiration? 

A: We always think about the bride, her special day and the romance surrounding the occasion. Also, look for Grecian, boho, beach and vintage inspirations. 

Q: Garter trends TO LOOK FOR?

A: The garter set. This where the bride wears one garter up higher on her thigh and another a bit lower.  The garter sitting lower on the leg is the one that is tossed during the reception; the other is a keepsake.