Dear Bride-to-Be

The few weeks before my wedding I couldn't sleep. For one thing I was excited, for another, I had a good list of concerns - some were justified and some were downright ridiculous, but not because I was a bridezilla or going crazy or that the details didn't matter. Silly because this was hands down going to the best day of my entire life, and barring Garrett getting cold feet, there was absolutely nothing that could have stopped that.

So dear bride-to-be, listen up:

You might never have so many people who you love so much surrounding you at the same time. Keep that thought somewhere in the forefront of your mind; it will help you take in the day.  

Everyone has put down their life stresses and is on board to celebrate, and to celebrate love at that. Is this not beyond amazing?

You will look back at photos and see how much your guests were laughing, hugging and tearing it up on the dance floor, and feel pretty teary that you and your husband created such a cause for celebration.

On that note, they're following your lead. The more you celebrate, the more they can celebrate. Go very big. And the beauty of going big in this respect is that you are in full and total control. Budget, weather, and family drama have no power over your choice to celebrate like it's going out of style.

You will feel so much happiness that you might burst out of your skin. If you're starting to worry about your hair, fake eyelashes, chipped nails or whatever small beauty concern pops up, remember that a bride is beautiful because she's happy and you already have that in the bag. Know this, and you will beam.

If you need a champagne, or like half a moscow mule in my case, before walking down the aisle, I don't see anything wrong with that. There are a lot of eyes on you. A little liquid courage can go a long way. But eat first.

In fact, make eating a complete priority. You want stable blood sugar, a clear head, and tons of energy. This day is a marathon. 

It doesn't matter if you're not a great dancer. You are going to be on such an adrenaline and endorphin high that you would be willing to challenge Beyonce in a dance off and feel confident you could win. The video might tell otherwise later (watch it when you have a nice buzz), but in the moment that's how you'll feel and that is arguably the only thing that matters.

You will have a moment at least once where the world feels completely perfect. Hold onto that.

Take a whole bunch of deep breaths. It's all overwhelming but a few inhales and exhales put you right back in the moment where you belong. 

With lots of love,


Posted on June 2, 2016 .