Eco Friendly Confetti

I couldn't be a bigger fan of confetti tosses. They let your guests become participants in the joy of the ceremony and they create amazing photos. For our spring skiing wedding, I bought a combination of snowfetti and butterflies for both the kids in our reception to toss while going down the aisle, instead of flowers, and for guests to throw as Garrett and I came down the aisle as newlyweds. For about $100, this super simple purchase made our wedding ceremony more beautiful and festive. A testament to that, below is my godchild tossing snow and butterflies with pure adorableness, and five ideas you can click and purchase at the easy price tag of $5-17.

Photo Credit: Kristin Gladney

Photo Credit: Kristin Gladney

1. Butterflies This Butterfly Confetti, a symbol of change and joy, is perfect for outdoor gatherings because it's water soluble and eco-friendly. 

2. Snow All you need is a shimmery white confetti and you have created a white wedding that is weather proof. This brand is also completely biodegradable and water soluble.

3. Doves Doves, a spiritual symbol of peace and blessings, are another great idea for outdoor ceremonies. 

4. Petals Traditional rose petals or vibrant orchid petals are a gorgeous and romantic addition to the aisle exit. If they are freeze dried, they should be stain free.   

5. Lavender Lavender buds are not only a great way to add a pop of color but they smell amazing. 

Before you make a purchase

1. Ask your venue if they have any restrictions; some surface areas get slippery with petals. Our outdoor mountain deck was okay with anything biodegradable.

2. Be sure you have enough but remember you don't need tons. I guessed each guest would just need one small scoop or one quarter of a petal cone. 

3. Think about the vessels - we used customized white paper bags but petal cones or small baskets are a great option too.

Posted on June 15, 2016 .