Bride/Babe: Christy Fiorentino

As a former bridal stylist at Vera Wang, Christy Fiorentino knows what's up when it comes to bridal style. For her wedding look, she custom created everything, even co-designing her dress, for a one-of-a-kind look. On top of that, she dreamed up an outdoor flash mob wedding ceremony, and then created a gorgeous plan B when the weather delivered sleet, rain and hurricane winds.

Dress byVera Wang skirt, the top bodice of the gown was designed by me, built by a seamstress.


Accessories byNecklace and headpiece were antiques found at an antique store in Vermont. Umbrella by Anthropologie

Health secretI took a few barre classes, as well as staying away from sugars and alcohol for the few weeks leading up to the wedding date (as best as I could:))

Hair by Enzo & Company, Romina Marchio

Makeup byI did my own makeup   

Bridal StyleThe look I was going for was a combination of Boho, and somewhat of a 20's theme.

Greatest moment of the nightWhen we got the entire party to dance and sing the Wilson Phillips song - Hold On

Wedding venue Well, the original plan of the day was that this wedding was going to be a flash mob wedding, outdoors, on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston's Back Bay. We were going to have it in the middle of the walk way that goes down the middle of the street, and the men would be lined up at one end of the block, while I would be dropped off by limo with my bridesmaids and my father at the other end of the block. Everyone attending the wedding was to show up with a white balloon. However, the weather that day was a combination of everything bad; snow, sleet, rain, hurricane winds, freezing temperatures. Luckily our back up plan was a ballroom at the Fairmont Copley Hotel, and they quickly made the room look gorgeous that morning, 5 hours before the event. Bunches of white balloons scattered throughout the room, and then lining the aisle, and the curtains were drawn with the lights dimmed and candles everywhere. It was beautiful. The party was then at The Beehive in the South End.

Wedding date November 2, 2014

Posted on October 22, 2015 .