Bride/Babe: Caitlin Jones

This week's Bride/Babe, Caitlin Jones, threw the ultimate fall, countryside wedding at her parent's home in Western Massachusetts when she married the man she met in sixth, yes sixth, grade! A school therapist and talented singer, Caitlin kept her head on straight with some seriously wise choices, right down to the cowboy boots she paired with her gown, but also let her creativity fly, singing a duet with her groom and rolling an airstream bar into the property.  Check out all the good details. I'm obsessed!

Bridal StyleCountryside, which to me, meant lace, but not uptight lace. Lace you could eventually sit down in the grass by the fire and forget you weren’t rocking sweats.

Dress ByI wore a lace dress by Temperley London that I bought at Ceremony in Beacon Hill. Owner Alix Childs has created a bridal sanctuary with Ceremony! Most of my accessories and my rehearsal dinner tutu all hailed from her shop. And yes, I donned a tutu the night before our wedding because, why not?

ShoesMy old beat up cowboy boots. Optimal comfort and managed the dirt and mud of fall in the countryside with graceful practicality.

Accessories byBelt by Rue de Seine and sapphire earrings care of Ceremony. I had my grandmother’s ruby earrings set into stackable rings.

Health secretSpin (thank you Recycle Studio), yoga and running are a fundamental piece of my self care. Sticking with that routine was key. It's easy to become all-consumed by planning your wedding. Wedding brain is no fun for you or for people who want to hang with you. They liked you before you were planning a wedding and you want them to like you after you’re married. So ease up on the play by play of wedding details; Pinterest will still be there, plus you might find the disconnect actually helps reduce stress.

FUN TIPA very good friend and artist Gayle Kabaker did something so spectacular for our wedding; she put together a book featuring her sketches of candid photos from the wedding creating an illustrated storybook of the wedding, some in color and some sketches of the day from start to finish with pieces of my father's speech throughout as a narrative.

Beauty secretReportedly, many brides-to-be use the wedding as a reason to help the economy by being top consumers of all things wedding related. I too suffered from the delusion that new things would enhance the quality of the big day. Not going to lie, that part was fun, albeit entirely unnecessary. Apart from buying out Sephora, I washed my face, drank water and crossed my fingers that I would wake up on the big day glowing. What I didn’t realize then was, it’s the best, the biggest, day of your life. Pretty sure you glow regardless. But seriously, stay hydrated.

Hair byJenursa, an awesome local hair stylist.

Makeup byChristy & Co; our makeup artist was Betsy-- more local awesomeness.

Greatest moment of the nightThe little sunlight we had that day managed to pour in through the window in the rafters of the theatre where we got married. It was like this perfect square of sun beaming down on both of us. That was pretty awesome, as was every other moment.

Sketch by Artist  Gayle Kabaker

Sketch by Artist Gayle Kabaker

Wedding venuEThere was a rumored hurricane the weekend of our wedding so we decided to hold the ceremony at The Double Edge Theatre Company, the town theatre. It is actually a post and beam barn with a second level balcony for guests, and painted murals on the ceiling.  A wedding ceremony is inherently theatrical - a rehearsed show with an audience. As this was our show and the audience made up of all those we love, it was magical. Our reception at my parent’s home in Ashfield, MA. We opened our house to our guests and lit the property with fire pits surrounding a sail cloth tent. We had an airstream trailer bar, which I will shower with praise in due course.

Photo Credit  Hale Mackay Photography    

Advice for Brides-to-Be Your wedding is your story. You narrate it. Don’t let conventions, traditions, preconceptions dictate your story. For example, Chris and I want to be good dancers; in fact we’ve tried on several occasions to be awesome dancers, to no avail. This created a great deal of worry regarding the first dance. Chris is an architect by day and an aspiring musician by night. I am a therapist by day and a retired singer. Instead of letting our unfancy footwork defeat our big day, we opted for a first song. We performed a duet in lieu of a dance. It’s your wedding, there is no wrong, only what feels right for you.

And three words, late night food. We had a brick oven pizza truck roll in late night. Huge.

One more parting piece. They say that time flies. This had never felt literal until Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. It goes by so fast. Try to remember, and if you can’t remember because it goes by so fast, ask someone to remind you to take a beat, to take a moment with each other. Step outside and look in on all of those people there to celebrate you and support your commitment to each other. It is an epic day and it deserves an epic pause. Before you know it, it is over. The photos will pour in but a picture can never truly capture the biggest, best day of your life. So take that beat and take a picture in your mind. Soak up all that awesomeness. And hold his hand as he holds yours on that day and all the days that come after.

And then, hit the dance floor, feel all that love, no regrets.

Wedding date October 3, 2015

By Artist  Gayle Kabaker

By Artist Gayle Kabaker

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