Bride/Babe: Zoë Chatfield-Taylor of NIC+ZOE

The Hitch List has officially launched a new series: Bride/Babe. Our first bride in the spotlight is Zoë Chatfield-Taylor, the namesake of Boston-based fashion label, NIC+ZOE, known for its beautiful design, fine materials and expert craftsmanship. Zoë works alongside her mother, Dorian Lightbown, serving as Merchandising and Marketing manager for the family business. When it came to being a bride, Zoë expertly fashioned her look as a beautiful boho bride.

Dress Stone Fox Bride in New York City

Shoes Cocobelle

AccessoriesMy older sister gave me a custom Jennifer Meyer necklace before the wedding that I instantly fell in love with and wore for the wedding. It has a Z with a heart E, so it reads as either my name ZOE or Zoë love’s Evan. Our wedding rings were by Todd Reedand the flower crown was also by Stone Fox Bride.

Health secretMy mom is an incredible cook and I asked her to make a lunch for the girls and me on the day of that would be super yummy and fresh. She put out an amazing spread for us!

Beauty secretThe hardest thing this summer was to not get any bad tan lines!  My dress was backless so between training for a 2-day bike ride and running around in the sun, I always had to make sure I had a ton of sunscreen on!

Hair byPatty Martin

Makeup byKatrina Hess

Bridal StyleBoho

Greatest moment of the nightOur friend married us and we didn’t know beforehand what he was going to say during the ceremony.  It was so fun to stand up there together listening to his words for the first time. 

Wedding venueMy mother's farm in South Dartmouth, MA

Wedding date September 12, 2015 

Posted on October 8, 2015 .