Bride/Babe: Sherri Schuler

Every bride juggles during wedding planning, but I feel confident in saying Sherri did more than the norm. As the Marketing Director of the Seaport, she oversees hundreds of fitness, food and community events each year in the city's most exciting neighborhood and on the side she keeps up with her love for fitness with classes, bootcamps and blogging (follow her at Fun Fit Flavor). Her winter wedding in Cohassett was a dream - Christmas ornaments, pointsettias, plaids, fur. All the things you seek out in December for an instant mood boost. 


Bridal style Romantic Winter. I really tried to tap into the season and wear colors that felt warm and cozy on a day that ended up being 26 degrees!

Dress By I bought my dress at Maria of Italy in Plymouth, MA. I was really happy with the selection and I fell in love with my dress after I tried it on. I never had that “Is this the right dress?” moment, I knew it was the one… even though there were a lot of gorgeous dresses to choose from.

Shoes by Badgley Mischka. They were comfy and lasted from 2pm-11pm, but I ended up in my LL Bean slippers for the after party!

Accessories by I wore a necklace that I’ve had since 1997. When my Nana passed, my Mom had the three diamonds from my Nana’s ring made into three pieces of jewelry; a ring for my mom and a necklace for my sister and me. I loved wearing such a simple yet beautiful piece that kept my Nana close to my heart. For earrings, I made a game-time decision. My dress was lace with small embellishments so I wanted my earrings to be simple. I bought a few pairs of jeweled studs from J.Crew and landed on a pair about an hour or so before photos!


Health secrets Being an active fitness and health enthusiast and blogger for 5 years, I already had a good routine going, but the funny part is that I got a new job just a month into our engagement (we planned our wedding in less than 9 months) so my workout routine was actually not as intense as it had been. I honestly just tried to continue to following my rule of moderation… healthy most of the time but, donuts when the craving hits! I lifted, took boxing classes at Everybody Fights (my favorite), and ran. I did what I could with the time that I had and I felt great on my wedding day. I kept my meal servings to the right size and stayed active. My advice for brides would be this: do not kill yourself being a health or fitness nut before your wedding; it’s a stressful time! Stay nourished, move your body, drink water, and try to keep your stress levels under control!

Beauty Secrets Exfoliate and moisturize! Getting married on December 10th was not ideal for the skin department! I feel strongly about skin health so I make sure to wash my face and moisturize with serum, night cream, and eye cream every night before bed (no matter how tired)! I also exfoliated 3 times per week. This is a great habit to get in not just for the wedding but, for life.

Hair by My stylist who had done by hair for almost ten years did my hair. I was happy with it but, my curls did start to fall out during the reception. I wanted to wear my hair down because that’s how I’m most comfortable but, the cold/dry air did impact it a little bit. People tell me they didn’t notice so it’s ok… haha.

Makeup by Katie Thoreson. She is a Laura Mercier rep that I met at Bluemercury at Legacy Place. She’s AMAZING! I loved my makeup and all of my bridesmaids loved their makeup, as well. She used only Laura Mercier products and I think that made a big difference. Everyone looked like the best versions of themselves instead of an airbrushed version. Also, my husband is a fan of the “natural” look so he was happy to see that I still looked like myself. My cousin actually ended up hiring Katie for her wedding that took place in September.

Greatest moment of the night Oh goodness, how do I choose that? I think the best part was realizing that 85% of the guests danced the entire night. I really wanted for that to be the case and I took a moment to look at the crowd about an hour into the dancing portion of the reception and realized that pretty much everyone was dancing. It was SO fun.

Advice for brides to be Make decisions that fuel your happiness and that of your future husband; don’t go with the norm just because books or others tell you to. Also, take deep breaths on your wedding day, absorb the little moments, and enjoy yourself; drink the Prosecco, eat the food, dance your tail off… it’s your night… make it yours!

Wedding Venue Red Lion Inn. It gets a bad rap because of ownership, but the wedding coordinators are AWESOME. I had a ton of flexibility with décor, alcohol assortment, food, etc. They know what their doing and the venue is so, so gorgeous. It was especially perfect for a winter wedding, in my opinion :).

Favorite Vendors Aside from my makeup artist, I loved my florist and DJ. My flowers were done by Chris Stock from Whole Foods at Legacy Place in Dedham. Her attention to detail and support during the decision process was unparalleled. Chris worked at Winstons for YEARS and so she brought so much knowledge and experience to the table that I really appreciated. She made it so fun. Our DJ, Brett Heeney who owns Crackerjack Entertainment. He is hands down, the best! Professional, thorough, and truly excited for the couple. He has now DJ’d 3 of our family weddings. I can’t recommend him enough.

Honeymoon I worked with Coleen Coletti from Simply Honeymoons. Do yourself a favor and hire her or another travel agent for your honeymoon. With everything else going on, she made the process SO simple and gave us 3 amazing options. We went to Hawaii and visited Oahu (2 nights), Kauai (3 nights), and Maui (5 nights). Oahu was cool because we went to Pearl Harbor which was totally worth it. Kauai is beautiful and amazing. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt which was incredible. Maui is an awesome mix of adventure, relaxation, and fun. We stayed at the Westin which was fine but, not necessarily something to write home about. The pool was awesome and the beach was bigger than what was offered by the other hotels in Lahaina. There is so much to do in Hawaii so it was a great mix of relaxation and exploration.

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Posted on December 7, 2017 .