Bride/Babe Sara Kirsner

Sara Kirsner is the founder of Doie Loungeand if you have not heard of this luxe robe company, check out The Hitch List's post from last year. One stylish entrepreneur, she also was a gorgeous bride who had the inside track on weddings from dressing brides and bridesmaids in Doie robes for their wedding prep, and from being a bridesmaid 12 times. Find Sara's wedding tips below!

Bridal Style I love the boho look, but for some reason I feel like I can never fully pull it off! Classic, with a hint of glam, is more my style and that's the look that I went for. 

Dress by I bought my dress at Amy Kuschel, in San Francisco. I really loved it there-- everyone was so friendly and it felt like a special experience without being "over the top."  I also loved my dress! It was simple and classic with "clean" lines. The best part about it was that I could add some accessories, like a sparkly sash to dress it up for walking down the aisle, and then a lace topper for dinner. Once I put the topper on it looked like a different dress--some people even thought that I had changed into a new dress! 

Shoes by I couldn't wear shoes with any embellishments on them, for fear that they would get caught on the dress. This really limited my options. I also wanted super comfy shoes, and shoes that I didn't care too much about, because I knew that we would be trekking through the dirt (it was actually mud that day), for our first look. My shoes were from a brand called Nina. They make simple bridal shoes that are comfy and not expensive.

Accessories By I wore an embellished sash that I bought at Amy Kuschel,  some gorgeous vintage earrings from Sweet + Spark, and of course my beautiful engagement ring!

Health Secrets The last month leading up to our wedding, we limited our wine drinking and tried to keep it to a minimum, and on the weekends only. This really does wonders for your skin, leads to better more restful sleep, and limits extra calories and sugar. A few months before the wedding we used a meal delivery service for four meals each, per week. The service that we used was called Methodology. It basically kept our portions and carbs in check and then we cooked a lot and tried to eat healthy on the days that we didn't have Methodology. My husband ran on the treadmill multiple days a week, and I hiked with friends and did a lot of yoga. The hikes doubled as a way to catch up with friends and chat/vent about wedding planning, which was great for my mental health.

Beauty Secrets My hairdresser advised me not to get a keratin treatment, or a Brazilian blowout, before the wedding. I wanted one, to control the frizz on my honeymoon, but Trace said that it would suck all of the volume out of my hair. I have thin hair and we needed as much volume as possible! She even used clip-in hair extensions to complete the look. Also, fake lashes make all the difference! I had my makeup artist, Danika, apply them the day of.

Hair by Trace Hennigsen did my hair and she's an absolute rock star! She had done the hair on a bunch of my photo shoots (for Doie Lounge) and she can do anything. I changed my mind a few times before the wedding and she basically didn't know what I was going to choose until the day of the wedding. She's used to doing fashion shows and red carpet stuff, so she is great under pressure and a true genius. I felt very lucky to have her.

Makeup By Danika Lamb of Artistry By Danika. Like Trace, we had worked together on photo shoots for my company, and she is amazing. She is so talented and also the sweetest person ever. We did a trial and so I knew what the makeup would like like on the day of, but I asked her to "pump it up" a little bit on the actual day. It was perfect.

Greatest moment(s) of the night This is the hardest question to answer, because there were so many of them. I think the two best moments were walking down the aisle and seeing everyone there, and seeing Chad at the end waiting for me. I also loved when we first walked outside, into the dinner space, and we were announced as "Chad and Sara Stith." At that moment all of the pressure was off and we were at our dream dinner party with everyone that we love.

vendors you would highly recommendMarisa, from So Eventful, was our planner and I would recommend her 100%! We had a vendor cancel (due to a family emergency) the day before the wedding, and also rain in the forecast for our outdoor wedding, and she somehow made it all work out. We loved working with her and I miss our planning sessions. Also, Emily from Soulflower, for florals. I've known Emily for years and I really didn't shop around for a floral vendor, I knew that I wanted Emily. She is so unbelievably good at her job and so creative. People are still talking about the flowers at our wedding. And of course my photographer, Valorie Darling :) She is so talented, a dear friend, and I'm grateful that she was available to shoot the wedding.


Posted on September 30, 2017 .