Bride/Babe: Paige Cocci

I love talking to brides in the industry -- in a funny way, it's a challenge to plan something so personal when it's also your expertise. Paige Cocci 

Bridal Style Modern romantic

 Photo Credit:  Person + Killian

Photo Credit: Person + Killian

Dress by Hayley Paige and I bought it at Christina’s in Andover. They had tons of gowns, but I knew the dress I wanted and specifically went for the trunk show of Hayley Paige. I tried on the dress fell in love and then started to second guess myself, could it really be this dress? Should I try on more? I did and hated everything else. My MOHs said this dress was made for me and nothing could compare and they were so right!

Shoes by Kate Spade, these peep toe pumps were beyond comfortable! I also wore them at my shower because they were so cute and you wouldn’t see them under my gown. But truthfully, I had my chucks on by the end of the night.

Health Secrets Buy a dress that you feel beautiful in regardless if you lose weight or not. I kept my diet pretty regular and focused on working out because when I’m working out my energy is great and I feel my best.

Beauty secrets Get a facial a few weeks prior and make sure to have a good skin regiment. I regularly used lotion with coco butter to make sure my skin was very hydrated and glowing. Also, throw in a massage or two, every bride could use one.

Hair and Makeup by Kacie Corbelle. Her work is flawless and her personality is lovely. During all of our photos she was close by to make sure every detail from my hair to my dress to my lip gloss was on point. I truly felt like a celebrity! "Powder check, lips check, hair check, ok ready for this photo." She was by my side until I walked down the aisle. I wish I could have her with me everyday!

Greatest moment(s) of the night My ceremony, walking into the candlelit garden with everyone in our lives standing, it was truly everything I had dreamed of!  People are so excited for the party that sometimes I feel the ceremony is over shadowed, but to Chris and me, the ceremony was the entire point of this day and we really wanted to to feel personal and a fairy tale moment.

Wedding Venue As someone who has been in the industry for years - I have even worked at some of Boston’s finest venues - I knew it would be difficult to make a decision on the venue. My husband wanted three things; Boston, an outside element and a large dance floor. The Boston Public Library popped into my mind since it has a beautiful courtyard, is in the heart of Boston and its new space had not yet held a wedding. For an event producer, this was an exciting challenge! It was a room I had never worked in and no one else had yet designed! It was my blank canvas. It was full of so much color, my head immediately went to a modern, clean lined, black and white vision, that would not only brand my wedding, it also wouldn’t compete with the room around it. Working with the Catered Affair at the Library was a dream, there staff is trained as in-house event planners, which helped me to let go of all my planning the night of and truly be a bride and enjoy the day!

Favorite Vendors Marc Hall Design - working with their team is unparalleled. You truly feel like you are part of the process and your design team is designing a one of a kind event just for you. I specifically pick them for my wedding because I had an amazing experience partnering with them on mutual clients, so I knew they would take good care of my personal moment. It’s a small firm that works as a team on each event individually. When a bride comes in, the experience is not how do we recreate this image I saw on Pinterest. The conversation is how do they take these elements and make your wedding yours! I enjoyed the experience with the team so much and our collaboration was such a perfect fit that we ended up working together permanently. They offered me a job mere weeks before my walk down the aisle. I was thrilled to come back from my honeymoon to this amazing team. Person & Killian-- Your photographer is such a key aspect to your whole day! They are by your side every moment so it is very important that you have a great energy together. Jill and Lauren are both incredible photographers that truly know how to capture a moment. My wedding was shot by Jill and every moment with her was exciting and fun. Our engagement photo shoot was a great casual day of Chris and I walking our neighborhood, showing Jill memories and favorite spots, it felt comfortable and easy and our photos reflected that. On our wedding day she was truly amazing, we did not have a traditional shot list. In my opinion, a list puts the photographers focus more on gathering guests for photos verses catching every moment. She got so many great photos of us, I have no idea how to choose my favorites to frame! Artistic Wedding Films-- I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure I even wanted a videographer. I didn’t want to have tons of people in my room as I get ready and cameras filling my dance floor. I felt that photos are enough and as most people say, when am I ever going to watch this? Then, I woke up one night and thought I will truly regret not having the footage. On your day, everything goes by quickly. It’s like you are going through all the motions as an observer. You are trying to take everything and everyone in, but you are sensory over load. Having the film is the best way to actually be in that moment! Mike and his team were amazing. Mike is hilarious and light hearted he truly just joined our family for the day. I am so glad he was there, it wouldn’t have been the same with out him!!

Advice for brides to be Before you start to plan your wedding, ask yourself what are the most important elements to you. There are a lot of details and some people end up getting overwhelmed by them. Keep the big picture in mind, for us that was: we are getting married with our family and friends and we want everyone (including ourselves) to have a great time. If you keep your priorities in focus and don’t dwell on the small stuff, planning your wedding and enjoying it will be a piece of wedding cake ; ).

 Photo Credit:  Person + Killian

Photo Credit: Person + Killian


Photo Credit: Person + Killian

Posted on April 28, 2018 .