Bride/Babe: Nina Sheff

This week's Bride/Babe is Nina Fish who works for a very cool educational non-profit in Boston: Apprentice Learning, which places inner city 8th graders in apprenticeships that will position them for lifelong success. Nina calls her wedding planning "wild" - which is actually a total understatement given that she was earning her Masters in Arts in Organizational Leadership and Policy Development in Minneapolis while planning a wedding on the Cape, juggling a very long distance engagement - between Minneapolis and Amsterdam - and moving back to Boston right before the wedding. As a guest of their gorgeous wedding, Nina and her groom go to show that none of the crazyness that can take place in the midst of planning is even remotely visible when you're truly happy. 

Dress by Lela Rose. I was happy with it,  BUT the process of tailoring was a complete nightmare. Long story short, the sample was not reflective of the actual dress- I think it had been tailored and steamed out a lot, and the fit was just horrendous when I received my dress which led to a lot of stress thinking I would never be happy with my dress, and a lot of money spent trying to get something wearable. In the end, I was extremely happy with everything except for the length- I should have realized I would want it a bit shorter so that I could dance freely and not worry about a slip or worse! I also realized too late that strapless is a tough style no matter how perfect the tailoring is, because your body has to hold up the dress and that’s a physically impossible feat for as long as you need to wear it.

Shoes by Jimmy Choo. I loved my shoes!!! And they actually were quite comfy. Our ceremony was on grass and then we had a bit of a walk to the reception, so I knew I had to do a wedge or two pairs of shoes to make it work.

Accessories by Belt and earrings by Sara Gabriel. My mother in law lent me a bracelet. Oh, and my 96 year old grandmother gave me her 25th anniversary wedding ring which I wore proudly. 

Health secret I’m not going to say I did not try to look fit, because that would be a lie, but I focused on how I felt because of exercise and the stress alleviation it provided. I need variety in workouts so I did a combination of yoga, spin, CorePower Yoga Sculpt, and boxing was a real favorite. I did not diet- I have no self control!- so I tried to stay regimented in my exercise. It was also our last months in Minneapolis leading up to the wedding, so I wanted to have fun. The day of our wedding we invited friends to join us for yoga at the beach, led by another friend, and that was an incredible start to the day. Everyone was excited for us and while I had to leave early to get ready, I got to watch Ed and friends swimming in the ocean, which set the perfect vibe for the day. 

Beauty secret Sadly, I have nothing here. I guess I wish I had focused on that more, but there are just so many damn details to think about. One thing I did do is not wear a bathing suit with a strap all summer. I still had minor strap lines from workout tops.

Hair by Lisa George

Makeup by Lisa George

Bridal Style Romantic, playful, whimsical.

Greatest moment of the night I really can’t pick one single moment! I loved our first look, I loved our ceremony (and I didn’t throw up!), I loved our second line to the reception, and I loved our toasts. I could go on. I feel like we tried to carefully plan our night to be what we wanted, which meant that we had so many special moments that stick out in my mind. I also worked hard to not imagine our wedding day and have expectations that could not be met, which I think is key to a great night.

Wedding venue The ceremony was held on the lawn of my husband’s Cape Cod home, and the reception was down the road a bit at a private beach under a tent.

Any Advice for Brides-to-Be My advice would be to not be afraid to defy convention.  I had several friends planning weddings within weeks of my own and had attended so many weddings recently to have this running list and images in my head of what a wedding “is supposed to look like” and what others had done.  For us, it was so liberating to deviate from the norm and choose things for our day because we wanted them, not because that’s what you are supposed to do. Don’t be afraid to make your wedding what YOU want. Also, don’t even go down the road of comparing your wedding to others. It’s not a productive way to spend your time! 

Wedding venue Family home in Falmouth, MA

Wedding date September 19, 2015

Posted on February 19, 2016 .