Bride/Babe: Missy Falvey

This week's bride is my cousin so I can be sure when I say she knew exactly what kind of wedding she wanted from the time she was 10. She had some good taste for a little one. This September, Cape wedding was so stunning and flawless.

Bridal style Classic, romantic.

Dress by Romona Keveza from Musette; I am obsessed with it still. I loved the Musette experience! I went shopping with my mom and sister and we made a whole day of it. I was in between two completely different dresses, but felt the most like myself in the one I ended up with. The service was great and they really made the day feel special and enjoyable.

Shoes by Jimmy Choo, and I loved them. They were surprisingly comfortable, I stayed in them much longer than expected. 

Accessories byMy dress had a lot going on, so I went simple with accessories. I wore drop earrings that my sister-in-law wore for her rehearsal dinner. They were beautiful and had a hint of pink in them which went perfectly with my dress! My husband gave me a new cross necklace the morning of our wedding, and a headband, borrowed from my cousin.

health secrets I had ran the marathon in April so I was very anti-running over the summer which is normally my go-to! I did a lot more weight lifting and got incredibly addicted to Barry’s Bootcamp and I really noticed a difference. It was an expense, but I felt great all summer leading up to our wedding and it majorly clears your head so it's worth every penny! Also, push-ups changed my arms more than any other exercise has. 

Beauty Secrets  I get horrible bags under my eyes when I'm tired so I started using Patchology eye masks and they made a huge difference – especially for those days leading up to the wedding when you are expected to look your best while getting little to no sleep!

Hair and Makeup By Salon 700; I had gone a few times over the summer so I really knew what to expect for both on the day of!

greatest moment(s) of the night The whole day was just so incredible. My favorite moment was walking into the tent. I had been putting this tent together and imagining what it would look like for the better part of a year, so to walk in and see it all set up with everyone you love there,  while holding your new husbands hand and the band playing your favorite song – it just doesn’t get better!

WEDDING VENUE Wianno Club, Osterville MA

Favorite vendors I really loved everyone I worked with, but if I had to pick one it would be Allison Wildes Liset from Elegant Engagements. The days leading up to the wedding, the rehearsal and day of all were so seamless because of her! I did not think I needed a wedding planner, but once I met Allison she helped execute everything so flawlessly it was so worth it. 

Advice for brides to be We did a receiving line right after mass, which I never thought I would do! It was nice to be have the formalities done with early in the evening, and not to feel like we needed to go table-to- table once we were in the tent. When we got to cocktail hour we really enjoyed ourselves and being with all our friends and family! Most importantly, don't worry about what other people are going to think, and have fun. This may seem like obvious advice, but if you are relaxed and having fun, everyone else will too. 

Posted on February 3, 2018 .