Bride/Babe: Katie Callahan

A beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyed bride, Katie Callahan threw an Americana wedding in Harwich Port on July 4th weekend. Then she mixed in ultra personal, unexpected touches like handwritten thank you notes to each guest, an unforgettably, unconventional father-daughter dance... and a really fun red, white and blue zip up. Her "do it your way" approach to getting married is easier said than done, but so well worth the effort.

Bridal Style Classic and nautical

Dress By Liancarlo; I found it at L’elite Bridal on Newbury Street in Boston. I let my sisters all pick out one dress of their choice for me to try on. My sister Kelly picked a dress that I first put my nose up at, but a deal is a deal so I tried it on. At that moment I knew it was the one! I finally understood the saying that dresses can look so different on a hanger than on a body and to have an open mind when dress shopping. We continued to shop but everything else always got compared to that dress so that’s when we knew it was the one. I was lucky because there was a Liancarlo trunk show at L’elite the following weekend. It was an amazing experience having Carlos Ramirez, the founder of Liancarlo, take my measurements for the dress. We also got a discount on it! I was so happy working with the women at L’elite- they were so helpful and easy to make appointments and alterations with. I also am using them currently to get my dress cleaned and preserved through them as well.

Shoes By I went through many MANY many online orders and returns trying to find shoes that were simple and comfortable. The amount of shoe orders I went through is embarrassing... but it was so hard to find white shoes in the middle of the winter. I wanted something simple that wasn’t too sparkly, and most importantly, comfort was my biggest concern! I finally decided on wearing Tory Burch sandals with a short 2-inch heel. I got the same shoes in brown and wore those for my bridal shower. They were so comfortable!

Accessories By I felt like my dress had a lot going on so I did not wear a lot of accessories. I wore diamond earrings that were a BEAUTIFUL wedding present from my husband! I wore a headband that I fell in love with at L’elite when I picked my dress out, and a Kate Spade sailors knot bracelet; I also got this for all of my bridesmaids.

Health Secrets I decided to get a monthly unlimited membership to Flywheel. This allowed me to do both spinning and barre class as much as I wanted. After the winter, I felt like I needed something else so my sister and I started a personal trainer once or twice a week. We worked out at Recycle in Back Bay with our AMAZING trainer, Emily Southworth. Emily focused on heavier weights, arms and abs. Working with her really helped and she was so motivating! It was a nice change up to the spinning and barre I was doing.

Beauty Secrets I got regular facials at Prettyology on Newbury Street starting 6 months before the wedding to make sure my skin felt amazing!

Hair By Salon Matteo- my personal hairstylist so it was easy!

Makeup By B.Boutique. They were amazing to work with. In total, I had 12 bridesmaids, 2 mothers and myself needing hair and makeup. I worried a lot about timing leading up to the wedding because our ceremony was at 2:30pm and we had to start to get ready early. But both B.Boutique and Salon Matteo made sure the appointments were moving on time and that everyone was happy with their work!

Greatest Moments of the Night The moment on the altar at the Church was one of my favorites because I had not seen Mark all day and we decided not to do a first look. Walking up to him after being so anxious all day was a relief and very exciting! For the reception, Mark and I chose to do something for our guests that we had seen at a wedding before- we wrote handwritten thank you notes to each one of our guests and placed them at their seats; they also served as another piece to the table design. We had a large wedding and although we did a receiving line at the church, we wanted to make sure everyone knew how much we appreciated them being on the Cape to celebrate with us on 4th of July weekend! Mark and I took turns writing the notes – we each wrote about 50% of them (shocking I know- I thought I was going to end up doing all of them!), and although it was a bit time consuming for us leading up to the wedding, we knew it would be a special moment when everyone sat down and flipped the card over to read our note. Another great moment was my dance with my father. We chose to dance to 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, an “interesting” choice, as the band said. We chose it for sentimental value from when I was growing up. We didn’t plan anything, and we didn’t even really talk about it leading up to the wedding but once the music started my dad immediately pushed off and started dancing by himself! We had a great time dancing all over the dance floor. My last favorite moment (although I could write about a million of them) was during the cocktail hour when the Wychmere staff took us, along with our parents, to see the Harbor Room before the guests came in. I hadn’t seen the room all day and I was just hoping that all the little details came together to create the look we wanted- and IT DID! We were speechless. It was such a nice few minutes to have with our parents and to see just how gorgeous the Harbor Room looked. It made us so happy!

Advice for Brides to Be During the planning process, do what you and your fiance want. Everyone has their own opinions about ALL things pertaining to the wedding but its your wedding day so stick to your gut. 

Wedding date July 2, 2016

Wedding VenueWychmere Club! Their staff was so accommodating and easy. I worked with Karen and she was so great about always being available to answer questions. She also got things done very quickly. My sister got married at Wychmere 5 years ago and she also had Karen as her planner so it was so fun to get to work with her again! The night of the wedding the entirestaff was spectacular. We had a bridal assistant throughout the night along with a bridal suite as a place to go when we needed a minute, or the bathroom! The rest of the management staff was so kind and attentive- they asked Mark and me if we were comfortable temperature-wise every half hour and would make adjustments to the air conditioning for us! The service was impeccable.



Posted on November 12, 2016 .