Bride/Babe: Jenna DiMaggio

As the name of her blog attests, Jenna DiMaggio of Boston Chic Party knows how to throw a party with the kind of flair that guests don't soon forget. Her blog covers fashion, recipes, travel and fun Boston news, so it was only natural that her wedding at the Langham Hotel in Boston was a love note to the city - a ceremony in the North End, photos along the Greenway, a classic lace dress from L'elite... I loved swooning over the most important day of this stylish woman's life!

Photo By  Lindsey Buchleitner    

Bridal Style Classic and city chic.

Dress by Marchesa. I was absolutely over-the-moon happy with it!  Before I went out shopping for a bridal gown, I pinned a lot of dresses to a secret Pinterest board with my mom and my sister (my maid of honor).  On the day we went dress shopping we went to three stores with L'elite on Newbury Street being the last stop. As soon as I saw the dress on the rack I remembered I had pinned it and could not wait to try it on. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one! L'elite was fabulous during the entire process and also helped me pick out dresses for my bridesmaids.

Shoes by I knew I wanted a comfy pair of shoes headed in to the wedding for a few reasons- first, our ceremony was in the North End so I had to walk on some cobblestone streets and two, I wanted to dance the night away. I ended up wearing the Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby in Silver and absolutely loved them. I have worn them multiple times since.

Accessories By When I first tried on my dress, Salwa, the owner of L'elite, suggested a few belts to go with it. I fell in love with one of the belts from Pronovias which added the perfect bit of sparkle to my dress. Because my dress had a lot going on I was first undecided on wearing a veil, but as soon as I tried one on, I teared up and I instantly felt like a bride. I would encourage everyone to try on a veil before saying no- it really did help me feel "bridal" even when I wasn't sure about wearing one at first. My earrings were my "something borrowed" which I borrowed from my best friend, Liz. It was so special to wear the earrings she wore on her wedding day on our day too!

Health Secrets Leading up to the wedding I focused on working out and eating right- for cardio, I loved going to Soul Cycle classes or just going for a run throughout the city. I also tried to go to a weekly yoga class which had the added benefit of some meditation as well as exercise. Yoga Works Boston in Back Bay is one of my favorite spots to practice. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the week before the wedding- if you are anything like me, you'll have a hard time sleeping the night before so you want to be sure you got plenty earlier on!

Beauty Secrets Before my wedding I got regular facials every six weeks or so. I really think this made a huge difference for me in keeping my skin glowing- especially when it can get dry in the summer. Also, I wanted a pretty full updo, but don't necessarily have thick hair. My hair stylist suggested buying clip in hair extensions and they made all the difference in getting a fuller look! I also took biotin for about six months leading up to the main event for healthy nails and hair.

Hair By Jill Colwell- I was SO happy with it! It was exactly what I wanted. She also did the bridesmaids' hair and we all had so much fun listening to Beyoncé in the bridal suite :)

Makeup By Stacey Frasca - Stacey is absolutely the best! I loved my makeup and truly felt like I looked like myself, just better! 

Greatest moment This is such a HARD question- every moment was the greatest! One of my favorite moments however was doing our first dance. You are surrounded by everyone you love, dancing with your new husband to a song you both love (ours was Adele Make You Feel My Love, by the way). It was a pretty surreal moment for me- I kind of forgot everyone was watching us. Oh and we really nailed the dip at the end!

wedding date September 6th, 2014 (can't believe we are coming up on our three year anniversary!)

Advice for brides to be Definitely enjoy the planning process and don't stress too much about little things (I know this is easier said than done- trust me!). Once all the planning is over, it's truly about you and your new partner starting your life together- and the little stuff isn't worth it.Be mentally prepared that there are going to be some things that pop up (and they definitely will) that are out of your control - say for example, having your wedding fall on the hottest day of the year and having your ceremony in a church without air conditioning :) There's nothing you can do so don't spend time stressing on this kind of stuff. The best piece of advice I got was to take some time during the ceremony just the two of you. My husband and I snuck away for a few minutes just to chat during the reception and it was a special moment.