Bride/Babe: Ashley Castle

When a travel journalist marries a pilot, a lot of terrain is covered between the two - 150 countries to be exact. But for Ashley and her husband, their hometown of Park City, Utah could not be topped as a wedding destination. Their reception at High West Distillery set the scene for a rustic, modern, and completely gorgeous mountain wedding.  

Bridal style Mountain Chic

Dress By Catherine Deane designed my dress, the Jolie, and I purchased it at BHLDN, Anthropologie's wedding store. I ADORED my dress.  It was exactly what I was looking for-- something feminine, classic and sexy .... as well as simple and easy to wear and dance in!

Shoes By I wore wedding wedges by Vince Camuto and loved them.  They were pretty tall for me (4.5") but easy to wear because they were wedges.  They were elegant and still pretty comfortable, but I also brought a back-up pair of wedges that I wear often that have about a 3" heel for dancing, and I'm so glad that I did!

Accessories By I wore a pair of green amethyst earrings by a local jeweler in Park City called KGEK design, a waterfall veil from BHLDN, and the most special accessory of all, a ring I wore on my right ring finger that was my paternal grandmother's original engagement ring from the 1940's, resized to fit me.   

Health SecretsI think the best thing any bride can do is to choose to NOT be stressed.  Stress affects everything: skin, weight, energy, mood.  I really believe it's a choice to be a stressed out bride or to not be.  There might be stressful moments because it is certainly a lot to plan, but I continually asked myself if something was "really important or worth my stress"-- and if it wasn't, I let it go. I also recommend not focusing on losing a bunch of weight.  I wanted to feel healthy and strong, and I wanted to feel like myself on my wedding day.  I didn't focus on being "perfect" - that's no fun!  I just focused on eating healthy and working out because those are things I love to do anyway!

Beauty secrets I swear by Arbonne's RE9 anti aging line.  I've been using the products for over 10 years and they truly work and give me such pretty, glowing skin.  I didn't do anything different beauty-wise before the wedding, other than take good care of myself like I normally do! 

Hair by Brynn Thomas- I did a trial run, and I'm really glad that I did because we were able to work a few kinks out that made my wedding day hair exactly what I wanted.

Makeup By Brynn Thomas as well.  I normally only use organic / natural cosmetic products and for my wedding day, Brynn did an airbrush makeup that has a silicone base.  It isn't what I would normally wear but I was pleased with it for the day of my wedding, as it stays on longer.  She did a fantastic job!

Greatest moments of the night Walking down the aisle and seeing everyone there and seeing my husband to be.  It literally took my breath away.  It was so much more emotional than I ever thought it would be.  We got married outside at the High West Distillery up in Wanship, so the setting was gorgeous and the "aisle" had me walking towards everyone, facing them.  I felt so overwhelmed by love and support in that moment. Other highlights: my dad's and husband's speeches: both were filled with so much love, humor and emotion.  And the dance party with glowsticks was epic!

Advice for brides to be My best advice is to remember that this is your wedding.  It's not about appeasing or impressing other people.  The hardest part for us was definitely the guest list, because as every bride and groom feel, we didn't want to leave anyone out.  But we also wanted to keep it super intimate (we had about 105 guests) and to be surrounded by people who we loved and who were a part of our lives and our relationship.  So, we made certain decisions to support this.  We didn't invite parents' friends who we didn't know or weren't close to, for example.  And, we didn't give our single friends a plus 1 unless it was someone they were dating.  We didn't want a bunch of random people at our wedding who we wouldn't ever see again.  Of course we wanted our friends and guests to be happy, but with each decision we made, we continued to remember that our wedding was our celebration and that people who loved us would support whatever decisions we made.  That really helped! 

Wedding date September 18, 2016

Wedding Venue High West Distillery in Wanship, Utah

Posted on December 1, 2016 .