Get Barry'd Before You Get Married - the Ins and Outs of Barry's Bootcamp and Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

Mention the word Barry's and the novice is pretty quick to say "I'm scared of that." Rightfully so. For my first class, I remember having a pit in my stomach before they even let us into the studio. Sprints. Hills. Super fit people. Something celebrities do. It's intimidating. But you get over that, and after you get over that, you get addicted. Especially if you're like me and it takes a bit of an ass kicking to prevent workout boredom.

As a result, Barry's Bootcamp Boston has become part of my weekly routine, at least part of my ideal weekly routine. It's owned by Dustin Martin and Brian Weller, two best friends who opened the studio in October, 2013. Walk through the doors of their Chauncy Street studio, and first you're met by a warm vibe where the entire team genuinely wants to know your name and what you're all about. Then you're going to take a beating in a 45-55 minute workout class designed to shock the body with intervals on the treadmill mixed with intervals of strength training, utilizing free weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls, to name a few...

And then you're going to leave and feel like every other workout you've ever done in your life, even if it was a marathon, was a joke.

Here's Co-Owner of Barry's Bootcamp Boston, Dustin Martin,a newlywed himself, on Getting Barry'd Before You get Married (no that's actually a thing - read on).

Q: If you're looking to get in shape for your wedding, what do you need to know?

A: In four parts:

1. You're making a mistake if you're not combining your cardio with lifting.

2. Make healthy shifts; small changes are sustainable. 

- A Boston Bride who did Barry's Bootcamp pre-wedding   

- A Boston Bride who did Barry's Bootcamp pre-wedding


3. Make changes to your sugar and carb intake - notice I didn't say get rid of your carb and sugar intake. Just adjust it.

4. Start 3-6 months before your wedding. There is only so much you can change any closer to this time-frame, and the further out your start, the less extreme your lifestyle changes have to be. It's all about sustainability and consistency.

Q: if you're Time Crunched and going to do Just one class, which one should you choose?

A:The full body class because we're not only going to focus on your entire body, but we're going to target different body parts each week. We'll hit the legs, abs and arms every time, but we'll be varying the combinations.

Q. How Many Times a Week do you have to do Barry's For Results?

A:At least twice a week. And then other days you can pair Barry's with yoga, boxing, spinning and a rest day or two.

Q: If you're burning out on WOrking out...

- A Boston Bride who did Barry's Bootcamp pre-wedding   

- A Boston Bride who did Barry's Bootcamp pre-wedding


A:We are really approachable so if someone is burning out they know us and usually share "I'm feeling frustrated; I'm struggling." There's a balance between working hard and working too hard. Rest days are so important. Aim for that consistency; for example do one day on at Barry's and one day off from Barry's where you're resting or doing a complimentary workout like yoga. If I could do yoga everyday of the week I would.

Also, go back to basics. Make sure you're drinking water, eating well and stretching. The mind-body balance is so key. It's all about what you can do that day and giving yourself credit.

Q; WHAT's Get Barry'D BEFORE YOu gET MARRied?

A:It's a 3 month bootcamp with unlimited classes; you can pick and choose any class and come as much as you want. It has a few perks - you can bring 10 guests, like your bridesmaids and groomsmen, to any one class (up to 10 guests per bootcamper); this is a great thing to do before or after your shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, or engagement party. You also get a complimentary bridal consultation, plus complimentary deep conditioning treatment with every blow dry at Salon Capri (Newbury St., Dedham, or Newton locations). It's $900 a month upfront, or $300 monthly. If you're going four times a week that works out to $18.75 per class; three times a week it's $25 a class, as compared to the $28 drop-in rate. * Call the studio for more details, 857-350-4019 

Q: Do Couples Take classes or bootcamps like get barry'd together?

-A Boston Bride who did Barry's pre wedding

-A Boston Bride who did Barry's pre wedding

Definitely. We have seven female trainers and five male trainers for balance. Unlike a lot of group fitness classes, guys feel really comfortable here.

Q: Top Three Songs for working out at the moment?

A:Music is one of the biggest parts of our teaching; we're always working on our playlists. I can't play the same stuff because I have regulars who will call me out on it. Right now, three favorites are

1. Get Ugly, Jason DeRulo 

2. Emergency, Icona Pop

3. Da Rockwilder, Method Man

Q. If you're going to do one Strength training mOvE,outside of Barry's for... 

... your full body:Squat and Press, with weights in each hand. Do a squat and on the squat up, press weights over your head. If you're traveling, you can do this with really anything that will add a few pounds. This works legs, core and arms.

... armS:Push-ups. They hit the triceps, shoulders and back. Everyone wants good arms before their wedding. If you're going to do it on your knees, that's no problem, it's a great start. Just make sure you're in plank form, meaning your butt is even with your shoulders, not in the air.

-  A Boston Bride who did Barry's pre wedding

-  A Boston Bride who did Barry's pre wedding

... LegS:Single Leg Step Ups. Step up onto a bench or a block with one leg, balance for a moment, and then step down with the same leg. It works your core, butt, thighs and hamstrings while challenging your balance.

... AbS:Leg Raises with Ab Thrusters. Lie on the floor, hands under your butt, legs straight out, heels half an inch off the ground, raise your legs up and while they're up, thrust or lift your butt into the air. This works your abs top to bottom.

* Start with three sets of 10. Alternate on each side for Leg Step-ups. Build to sets of 15 and 20 as you get stronger. Come to class to learn details and form for each. 

Barry's Bootcamp is located at 30 Chauncy Street in Boston; 857-350-4019 ;