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Bride/Babe: Lindsay Carson

Bride/Babe Lindsay Carson knew exactly what she wanted - a destination, island wedding where she could go barefoot on the beach. The question was where. She and her husband did a scouting trip to Beach House Turks & Caicos and knew they had found the place. Her April wedding fell just as hotel rates became more affordable, allowing for their guests to take over the 21-suite property and for the wedding to feel like a glam adult camp.

Bride/Babe: Caitlin Jones

This week's Bride/Babe, Caitlin Jones, threw the ultimate fall, countryside wedding at her parent's home in Western Massachusetts when she married the man she met in sixth, yes sixth, grade! A school therapist and talented singer, Caitlin kept her head on straight with some seriously wise choices, right down to the cowboy boots she paired with her gown, but also let her creativity fly, singing a duet with her groom and rolling an airstream bar into the property.  Check out all the good details. I'm obsessed!

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Bride/Babe: Laura Lea Goldberg, Holistic Chef and Writer

A gem in Nashville's food scene, holistic chef Laura Lea Goldberg thinks about affordable, comforting and nutritious meals all day everyday. When it came to preparing for her beautiful island wedding, she approached each meal as a way to balance her mind and body, feel positive and look radiant. The results are breathtaking! Read below for inspiration and follow her blog and instagram for craveable, guilt-free recipes.

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Bride/Babe: Rebecca Aiello

This week's Bride/Babe is my super stylish younger sister, Rebecca Aiello. She got engaged on the same night as I did, and planned her Cape wedding in less than a year (to my 17 months!), all while living in London and recovering from an intensive ACL and meniscus surgery. She was the happiest of brides all day, but especially on the dance floor - dips and back bends run in our genes.

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Why I Don't Want to be a Skinny Bride

"How are you losing weight before the wedding?" With my wedding six months away, I'm mentally prepared for the day when someone asks me this and I'm mentally committed to giving it - always the topic, maybe sometimes the person - a big screw you.

10 Things You Need To Know about Getting Your Make-Up Done The Day of Your Wedding from the Award-Winning Katrina Hess

Katrina Hess is Boston’s most sought after make-up artist. She has been named “Best of Boston” four times by Boston Magazine, and she has made brides look and feel beautiful for thousands upon thousands of weddings. It's safe to say she's seen what works and what doesn't work during that key morning preparation, so whether you're working with a professional or doing your own make-up, here are the top 10 things every bride needs to consider the day of her wedding.

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Your Skin Care Plan, from 6 Months to One Night Before the Wedding-- Skin Whisperer Anne-Cecile Curot of Le Visage Has It Covered

It’s never a good time for a zit, but the thought of waking up with one on the morning of your wedding… well that’s feels like a mean joke. And with all the things on your mind leading up to the wedding, shouldn’t your skin just behave itself and look better than ever? Well, it’s actually possible to be sure it's in a state of luminous obedience, with some planning, says Le Visage Day Spa and Skin Clinic owner and beauty whisperer Anne-Cecile Curot.

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How Do Fitness Experts Get In Shape for Their Weddings? Brides-to-Be and Spin Instructors at Recycle, Emily Susen and Elyse Winer, Tell Us

Since not one but two of Recycle's instructors are brides-to-be, Emily Susen and Elyse WineR, the question had to be asked: how does a fitness expert plan her wedding? Hint: be in physical and mental shape; toss in a fitness component to the wedding itinerary, and do not buy into the wedding diet.

Get Barry'd Before You Get Married - the Ins and Outs of Barry's Bootcamp and Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

Mention the word Barry's and the novice is pretty quick to say "I'm scared of that." Rightfully so. For my first class, I remember having a pit in my stomach before they even let us into the studio. Sprints. Hills. Super fit people. Something celebrities do. It's intimidating. But you get over that, and after you get over that, you get addicted. Especially if you're like me and it takes a bit of an ass kicking to prevent workout boredom.

What's a Skin Workout, and Why Should You Care?... Pete Dziedzic, Co-owner of the award-winning skoah, explains

I got hooked on skoah last fall. My fiance and I moved in together in the early-ish stages of our relationship, when thoughts like "When I break out in front of this guy, am I going to check into a hotel to avoid him? Am I going to sneak apply zit products, and put makeup over them; how's this gonna work?" seemed rational. Then I found skoah and these ridiculous thoughts became entirely irrelevant.

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