How to Preserve Your Wedding Cake? 3 Quick & Easy Steps from Montilio's Baking Company

Whether you want to honor tradition and have a slice of your wedding cake for your one-year anniversary, or simply save it for dessert for the nights to come, Montilio's Baking Company tells you how to preserve your cake like a pro.

A family-owned, New England icon, Montilio's has won awards across the region, baked cakes for tens of thousands of weddings, and even created cakes for such grand events as Governor Charlie Baker's inauguration. Here are three quick steps that will keep your wedding cake in tact, moist and delicious no matter when you indulge in it. 

Step oneRemove the cake from the box and place the cake on a plate with nothing around it in the freezer

Step twoAfter 24 hours, take the cake out and wrap it in saran wrap.

Step threePlace the wrapped cake in a Tupperware with a lid on it. Then wrap the Tupperware itself with tinfoil and place it back in the freezer.


Posted on September 3, 2015 .