How to Enjoy Wedding Planning and Dodge Crazy Town

In the past 8 years, I’ve shared many bottles of wine with friends as they have vented about wedding planning. I sympathized of course, but in the back of my mind, it always felt a little ridiculous when the biggest hurdle I could imagine overcoming, finding the one, was in the bag.

Now here I am, planning my own wedding, fully aware of how lucky I am to be engaged to my fiancé... Yet, I have totally had my moments where I swerved toward, and once even directly into, crazy town.

It happened when:

Setting the Budgetand realizing how quickly it evaporates

Figuring out how many people we could inviteand realizing it would be impossible to invite everyone we wanted to

Caring if my fiancé and I shared the same excitement levels during planning,for example, I couldn’t wait for the flower meeting because being in a flower store genuinely fires me up; he could have skipped it all together. And for some really weird reason, I took this as a sign he wasn't excited about marrying me. Yes, crazy town. It was like the scene in Father of the Bride when she cries because her fiancé gave her a blender. Crazy town.

Finding my dress I tried on 30 dresses…okay maybe more (whole other story

So we are still months away from our wedding, and I realize some pretty weird reactions can come up under the pressure to plan the most special day of your life, but I’m also committed to hitting the brakes when I see signs for crazy town and enjoying the ride.

Here is what I’m remembering:  

we're a team We're not perfect, but we're learning things about each other and becoming a better couple in the planning process, even when we're disagreeing 

Forget the Fun factor, it's built in The wedding will be unforgettable, not because we did everything perfectly, but because we’re celebrating something so much greater than can be contained in one night

Budget, pffh. It doesn't matter We certainly can't break it but we can confidently cut things that don't fit into it because even if our budget were $10, I would be so over the moon happy just to marry this man  

Is there an area of wedding planning that’s driving you crazy? What are you doing to make sure you enjoy the process?